What makes you different from other designers?

I believe that one thing that makes me different is my approach to product research and selection. Back when I was an apparel buyer, I regularly shopped the market to see for myself what was out there and what was new. I decided to take the same approach with interior design. Since I am able to get back to New York City so regularly (and San Francisco a couple of times a year), I am able to meet with vendors and visit some of the best design centers and showrooms in the United States, while still working with local vendors. I don’t have to only rely on industry magazines or semi-annual trade shows because I am able to get out and see things on a pretty regular basis.

Also, I have been involved in the building process for three homes of my own, so, I know what it is like to be the client. I understand what it is like to go through what they are going through and I would like to help them make it as seamless as possible.